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Hope for companionship love especially Illinois Naperville

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A Hope For Naperville Illinois Love Companionship

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When we quit sabotaging intimacy in our relationships by demanding unconditional love, we discover something much greater—the deeply satisfying, transformational love that is companionship.

In these s psychologist Kelly Flanagan shows how each of us has within ourselves, exactly the way we are, the gifts that are needed to cultivate the life-long relationships we are longing for, whether it is within marriage or friendship. He shows us how self-knowledge le the way to growing in love for both God and others.

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He shows us how understanding our own loneliness can help us relieve the pressure on our companions. And he shows us how understanding our own psychological and emotional defenses can help us to make the choice to love more vulnerably.

More than a marriage book, this is a companionship book. Anyone—from single young adults to elderly married couples, from the divorced to the widowed, from siblings to friends—can benefit from the wisdom it uncovers about what it means to be human and to be true companions.

Groups, couples, and individuals can use the companion study guide for five sessions on how to show up in your most important relationships.

Kelly Flanagan invites readers to do something else—make friends with our loneliness, attend to it, and even welcome loneliness as a gift. Flanagan is a guide for the isolated soul, showing us that our agonizing longings for deep companionship are actually graces—posts pointing us toward deeper connection, love, and holiness.

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And along the way, we discover this gentlest of miracles: we are, none of us, truly alone. With sincerity, wisdom, and deft storytelling, Flanagan dares readers to become more human. In an increasingly inhumane world, his is a dare worth taking. Kelly Flanagan has harvested the rich rewards of true companionship from the everyday struggles of doing real life together—a gift to every couple and every kind of companion everywhere.

Flanagan looks directly into the center of what it means to be human and helps us hold our gaze there, too, so we may see ourselves and each other more clearly with a searing and soaring grace.

Flanagan invites us to put down the mallet and befriend our loneliness, shame, and abandonment. Kelly charts a path of waking up so we can show up as our best selves in our most important relationships. I'm so glad to commend True Companions to you.

Rather than avoid or ignore that reality, Flanagan provides a much-needed resource on the necessary journey of creating space for loneliness in the context of relationship. With unflinching honesty and clinical insight, Flanagan takes a fresh look at how to sit with the discomfort of unmet expectations in marriage. He shares about his own marriage in a way that impacts both intellectually and emotionally.

A book for everyone about the relationships that see us through

Flanagan wisely suggests that our most intimate relationships benefit from learning to embrace curiosity rather than certainty, and that a deeper intimacy is found in sharing loneliness rather than expecting our partner to eliminate it. I went there first to decide if I was going to read the book. Weary of reading marriage books that seemed too lofty or talked about having a date night, I long ago moved on to books of poetry and novels, which have actually helped my marriage.

But when I felt a tug at my heart just by reading the descriptions of the chapters in True CompanionsI knew this book would be different.

Maintaining your independence in naperville

If you want a wise, honest, and true friend to take a walk with you, Kelly is that friend. And on that walk, he will open your heart to new truths and new questions, and gently lead you down an unexpected path toward change in yourself and your relationship with the one you love.

Please take this journey with him. Kelly is a trustworthy guide. Abandonment Is Not Loneliness 2.


Neither Is Shame 3. Nor Is Isolation 4.

You Are a Great and Precious Thing 6. So Learn How to Be Alone 7. Maybe Even Find God in It 8. Observe Your Protections Anger Peacefaking Certainty Yessing Competition Withdrawal Fixing Helicoptering And Remember, Bodies Matter So Go Elderly Slow Fear Not Missing Out Laugh Out Loud Let Your Memories Gather Rust into Something Beautiful Download the Press Kit.

Kelly Flanagan PhD, Pennsylvania State University is a clinical psychologist and is the founder of Artisan Clinical Associates, a private practice in Naperville, Illinois, offering services to teens, adults, couples, and families. Flanagan is a popular blogger and speaks regularly on topics related to marriage, parenting, and spiritual formation.

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He lives in Dixon, Illinois, with his wife, Kelly, and their three children. IVP Academic. Special Offers. IVP Book Club.

Formats: epub, pdf, and mobi Published: February 09, In stock. True Companions. True Companions Study Guide.

True Companions Set. True Companions ebook. True Companions hardcover.

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True Companions Study Guide paperback. True Companions Study Guide ebook. True Companions Set product set.