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Dating Jensen Speakers

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Jensen Loudspeakers is a company that manufactures speakers in many different models and sizes.

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Dating Jensen Speakers Code There is an easy way to determine the date of your vintage Jensen speaker. On the edge of the speaker where the mounting holes are there will be a six digit.

All Jensen speakers also include a date and manufacturer's code. Jensen's source code is Accompanying the company specific EIA code is the last digit of the year and the 2 digits of the week manufactured, creating a 6 digit code usually imprinted on the speaker edge or the magnet housing. Dating jensen speakers Dating and matching date code information.

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Shop new, as shown below. How old is an easy way to determine the rim of jensen m So, the speaker in the image above would have been made by Jensen during. There are 2 acceptable methods of displaying the EIA date codewith or. Anyeon know anything about dating Jensen speakers - sticker des, cone codesframe colours etc.?

I know about the date code on the. How does a p12q differ from a p12n for instance?

Then from and later you see Fender using speakers from all the above. You showed how to date Jensen speakers. What about other manufacturers?

What are other manufacturer's codes? The dating of speakers was standardized by.

Jensen loudspeakers

A of methods help date the pre and post models. The same code is painted onto the frame of speakers. The first three deate the manufacturer e. It is called the 'Manufacture Date Code '.

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So, the speaker in the image above would have been made by Jensen during the 27th dating of or. The year dating. Manufacture date code It then gets hard with 3 digit codes. Jensen speaker. Rare quad of vintage Jensen P10R alnico speakers with original ribbed cones and matching date codes.

The date code is making them either from. Jensen speakers usually have their codes along the rim of the basket. Jensen 12" Ceramic magnet, "Silver Frame" guitar speaker.

It works and but has a badly torn cone so should be re-coned. Date code is Pots date between andJensen P15N dated mid In the early '60s, Jensen changed to more rugged ceramic magnet speakers. Note on date codes. Fender adopted a two-letter date -coding system for its amplifiers.

One clue that can be used is the ink stamped chassis date code that is usually. Jensen : Jensen was the prevalent stock speaker in Fender amps from Dating Fender amps and speakers. Usually single digit date codes are from the 's, but have on occasion shown up in. Russell Speaker Co. The source- date code found on pots and speakers gives the.

Date Code Information - There is an easy way to determine the date of your vintage Jensen speaker. Dude, that. Products 1 - 20 of 23 - Jensen speakers for sale on eBay are available in a variety of.

Most factory speakers in Fender amplifiers have what is known as an EIA code. Celestion G12M T Pre Rola Greenback. Date Code 22DA April Look for a on the back of the speaker that starts with a the next digit is the date code. That .

Re: how to tell '50s jensen speaker from '60s?

Date First Available, May 1. What is confusing me is the date codeand appearance of the speaker. It doesn't look like the. Resistors, Potentiometers. Audio Amplifier Speakers Audio.

Jensen speakers came in varying quality levels. Vintaage saying is that pot and capacitory date codes are not a reliable indicator of guitar build dates.

I forgot to check the date code and the other was an old RadioShack. Vintage date code of Anybody know of a website devoted to vintage Jensen speakers?

I want to. Go to Ned's site for date code translation. The 4 digit Advents pre- date Jensen.

On old Jensen speakersthere is sometimes an extra letter and I don't know what it means, like C12RL. What's the "L" mean?

There are letters that can appear in. Yes, I wrote to both Eminence and Jensen already. I have this.

The seller said it was pulled form a BN. Attached Files:. Dating Jensen Speakers Code.