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JUNE 9, Students at the E. Schedule of Examination! The follow ng is tie schedule for the week of June Monday, English, classes three, four. Latin classes one. Tuesday, history, classes three, four, five. French, classes one, t w o.

Hundreds of people gathered outside the People's church on Laurel avenue yesterday morn ng to watch the procession of students and graduates of Miss? Tbe committee includes Mrs. John Daskam, Mrs. Edward I. Cullen, Mrs. William Redden. Mrs Robert Walsh, Mrs. James O'Nell, Mrs. John Leddy, Mrs James Kennedy.

Bridges, and Mrs. Colors While, ereen, r e ds a n dbrown, cocoa, beige, black, na jcopen. H - For the links or outing or everyday wear. This process on priof to the, exercises is a feature always looked forward to by thos-e interested in the school. Sing School Song.

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As the students entered the church they sang the school song "Dear S F. The Seniors and their principal. Miss Farm. Smith took their places on the platform which was banked with palms and June flowers.

Henry A. Davenport, pastor of the People's church Introduced the speaker Rev Charles Decker of the Second Baptist church and president of the Pastors' association, who spoke to the Seniors congratulating them on taking up such a task as the developing of human souls and the training of little children, and urging them to go forth into the world well prepared as they are.

Graduating Class.

The graduates of the klnilerg. Much interest la being manifested in this and many entries are expected. Herbert Beers, Mrs. Miss Margaret Bxrtler.

D Gallfip, Lake Placid. Y ; Miss Elsie Karper.

Mina Dewey Gallup, one of the graduates. Davenpoit pronounced the benediction after which tho school marched out singing "America tha Beautiful.

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Charles J. E, Gug- genhem recently returned from St. Thomas V. Guggenheim of 51 Louis street, btrat- 'ord, for the past ten days have left lor Berkeley, California, stopping in Philadelphia and Denser on their way. Luke's Episcopal church.

Connecticut and Wllmot avenues, will begin a study class for, adults at o'clock. Carroll of Elmwood place a n n o u n c e the birth of a daughter, Julia Wilson Carroll, at their home, June 3. Alexander 1 Alison Jr. MacDermott, pac- tor of the Washington Park Methodist Episcopal church last Saturday according to an announcement made jestorday The bride was attired In a gown of buff georgette crepe and t.

She carried a shower bouquet of white roses and lily of the valley Miss Lillian Tearne,'sister of the bride and bridesmaid, wore a dress of radio crepe and carried pink roses. Austin Kelly attended the groom. A reception and bridal supper was held a' the bride's home following the ceremony The couple will be at home at deaview avenue. Adams, chairman of the Republican National committee.

The bridgeport post from bridgeport, connecticut · 62

Lulu Farist, Mrs. Mary Burr Mrs. Philip Holzer, Mrs. Frank TrumbuH. Frank Befer. Arthur M Comley, Mra. Walter Taft and Mrs Sailer. Carlson, jxpert from Sunnie Holmes gardens, Fail-field, will act as Judge of the, show.

Exhibition Classes. Epccial smer Prlw. Through the courtesy of Weidlich Brothers, a special prize of silver will be awarded for classes In all other classes blue and white ribbons will be presented as prizes for perfection of blossom, foliage and arrangement.

This garden festival will be the most elaborate entertainment ever attempted by the Bridgeport Art League. The club house garden will be profusely and artistically decorated and the public is invited on the afternoons of June 12 and 13 to be the guests of the club. There has been much speculation as to how "King Tut's Tomb' looked.

Those who desire to see an up-to-date representation will be given that opportunity at the festival. Many surprises are guaranteed in connection with this particular attraction.

The bridgeport telegram from bridgeport, connecticut · 24

The committee wh guards the secrets very carefully of this Tomb, is as follows: Mrs. L Mills. Girls, Let's Go! Khaki Uniforms for Camp Life The exact nature of the participation was not fully decided u p o npending a canvass of members of the National committee by Chairman Adams, but it was said that the initial step probably would be the appointment of a woman from each state to act m an associate or advisory capacity to the committee. The bride- elect, who will marry Milton Perry or Hartford, tomorrow at 6 : 0 0 o'clock ' w a s the lecipient of,many beau'itul ' gilts.

Mr and i Mrs S. Mrs G Kling. Cowperthwaite, Mr. L Crane, Hartford, Mrs. W Bullock, Mrs. Frank H. Holbrook, Mr. C Doerr and Milton Perry.

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Thomas and Mary Sovino. I T i ustamps or 27, 1 0 2 7 Ham-nekoln coin p r e f e r r e d Linene, pongee either cotton or silk or plain or printed cottons will make sitt pel and G i n a s t i pet Kd v. If nnd Monro 50, 41 L'u'. At 39c Genuine Imported Gingham, small check, was 50c. At 5c or SOc doz. Flags Mounted on Spear Head Sticks. Children's ribbed Socks.

At 5c up Sand Pails and Shovels. At 49c Adjustable Window Screens--were 58c At 58c. Radf ord B. Smith's Dollar Store Fairneld Ave. Broad St. Middies of heavy twilled khaki with short sleeves, vest pockets, and cuffed bands at the waist.