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Starting university is daunting for everyone, but doing so in a foreign country can be terrifying. But with a great group of friends, your study abroad experience can be one of the best of your life. You may have come with friends from home, or maybe you travelled alone. Either way, studying abroad gives you the chance to meet people from all over the world, and sets you up to fully experience a new destination. Here are some ideas to help you make friends abroad and make the most of your new university life There is, thankfully, a club for everyone at university — from sports teams and drama to the more wacky hobbies.

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YouTube blocked? They come from a couple different areas and stages of life, I guess. And then, just meeting people who are friends of friends, so some kind of connection through a shared friend. And again, that one was later in life.

You brought up two potential ways to make friends. First of all, you mentioned school, which I think a lot of us have made a lot of friends in school. What would you say about that? Would you have any advice about how to approach somebody in a more formal situation to turn it into something that has a casual side as well? Yeah, I think it is challenging. Invitations tend to come out of the blue. What about starting it yourself? Find something that you already have in common and then use that as a way to invite somebody to do something.

Or something like that. I think also realizing that somebody has a common interest even at just during that conversation, that means that the person is gonna be really interested in what you have to say.

I think Americans are very reticent to initiate that, but very ready to give you that feedback if you ask for it. That would be my take on it. And so, even though he was interacting with people all throughout the day, and he lives in America, he still felt like he was not immersed in American English, which he really wanted to be because he wanted to get better at it.

So this is the same issue that Clarence was having.

All of his friends were international students. Where are other places? How can you start relationships with people, start friendships with people? I had a couple of ideas.

One of them is, when I was studying in Europe, the place where I was studying, the Goethe-Institute, had a program where it matched people who wanted to learn languages, so I was matched with somebody who lived there in Germany that wanted to learn English. That became a great way for me to practice German and also to have a friend. Look for that kind of thing. Most people need a time or two of meeting somebody in sort of a more structured environment to let friendship develop. I guess is my question. For me, the default should be to be pretty direct.

And it was great talking with you about the movie over lunch, would you be. I do think that Americans, compared to a lot of other cultures can come off as a little bit chilly or standoffish. Or what about coffee some afternoon?

I have a plan, would you like to come with me on it? I personally think a lot of Americans like doing things.

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So that could also be a great way to make that first ask of somebody, taking them from a co-worker to hanging out once could be, invite them into your own culture in some way, or invite them to go do something really cool within the city or the place where you live. And say yes if you get asked to do something, try to be outgoing, and maybe even be the person to make the ask. So do you have any other words or ideas of advice for people who were not born in America, living in America,trying to connect with Americans? In this podcast, we discuss topics in American conversation, pronunciation, and culture.

If you would like a free transcript for this podcast, just visit rachelsenglish. Hey, David.

David: Hey, everybody. David, you have lots of friends. David: I do. David: All right. Rachel: So, I want to—the thing that made me think about this podcast is two different s that I got.

David, this was on a video that I made with Dave at, uh, the 4 th of July when we were in Clark Park talking about 4 th of July traditions. David: Right, okay. Rachel: Do you remember that video? David: Yeah, I do. So, this person says, can you make a video on how to build more supportive friendships? What do you do to be a better friend? Your videos showed me the opposite. David: Absolutely. How to build more supportive friendships. And so, he talks to a lot of other people about their friendships and their relationships in general, and, you know, has a lot of things to say about this kind of thing, I think.

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David, what would you say makes a better friend? Makes someone a good friend? David: Sure. Look at everybody on TV. What in reality, I think the opposite it true. I think the majority of people, uh, you know, are either wishing they had more friendships or, uh, wishing that, you know, things about the friendships that they do have, um, might be a little bit different.

Like, they, they often wish that they were more close with more people.

Rachel: Yeah. Rachel: yeah. David: Also. When you move somewhere new, you look for connections you have to people that are there already. But having said that, we do have good friends here, and it is true that Americans do value friendship, even though probably a lot of people might like to have more friends or more closer friendships than they have.

David: Yeah. I think to answer that part of her question, absolutely.

I think Americans very much value friendships. Uh, of course, it looks different in, in all cultures, but I, I think also, something, uh, in the, in the comment is also true that it can, um, it can be difficult when it is, um, across gender. David: Well, not even complication, but tension.

Keep a close friendship with the opposite sex. Rachel: So, yes.

That, that could be hard for me. I think it should be the opposite. Rachel: Um, but I do, I do value, you know, like, we have a friend who was one of my friends. Rachel: But yeah, I think, um, I think that can be really special.

Rachel: Actually, there was a Seinfeld episode. Do you remember, David, where they were talking about, can men and women be friends? I would disagree. I think you can have a friendship that exists totally outside of the romantic and the physical. How do I meet people? How do you recreate that as an adult, no longer in school, outside of work?

I mean, you could take a class. David: Mm-hmm. Right, I think one of the things that I suggest to people is, you know, spend some time thinking about what are you most interested in? What are you most passionate about? What are you, you know, what brings out the best side of you?