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Peoria is drawing in new residents from all over the country. Take a look at the seven reasons why more people are choosing to call Peoria home. Peoria continues to have a thriving economy and thanks to its proximity to Phoenix, Peoria continues to attract new businesses and new jobs. There are quite a few new businesses coming soon to North Peoria.

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Prolotherapy is an injection of irritant solutions into damaged tissue to promote healing, decrease pain, and increase function. It is a natural, non-surgical method of treating pain caused by weakened ligaments or injured tendons around ts.

Tima Le uses a solution that consists of lidocaine an anestheticsaline, and dextrose an osmotic agent that is water-soluble and safe. Osmotic agents causes cells to lose water and lyse, leading to inflammation an initiation of the healing response. Please notify Dr. Le if you have any allergies to corn of which dextrose is derived from.

If so, Dr. Le may use other solutions for prolotherapy. If you have any questions regarding medications you are taking, please contact Dr. In addition, please make sure you are well-hydrated prior to the injections.

What’s so special about phoenix? it’s more than dry heat

It is normal to feel sore for several days after prolotherapy. For the first 48 hours you should rest the area. After the 48 hours, begin light stretching exercises and, if tolerable, you may being to your normal daily activities including strength training.

Avoid anti-inflammatories i. In addition, please avoid ice however if you need to use ice, please apply no more than 5 minutes twice a day. You may start using heat after the initial soreness has subsided; however only apply no more than 20 minutes four times a day. Prolotherapy is considered investigational by all insurance companies and therefore not covered by insurance.

Patient testimonials

Being in so much pain, yet having a doctor who is so bright, bubbly, kind, and gentle helped me to be reassured that comfort was on its way. I will always be eternally grateful for the knowledge and skills that Drs. Brad Sorosky, Susan Sorosky, Tima Le, and Arthur Hatch all taught me as they have prepared me to practice confidently and help my patients.

With their attention and guidance, I feel confident in my evaluation and management of my patient's conditions. They all have made a huge impact in my practice. I came to your office in the spring of to be evaluated for spinal injections for intractable back pain due to An L1 compression fracture.

I' ll forever be grateful to you!!! Unfortunately, I had already sustained some spinal cord damage, but I've been rehabbing with a trainer for the past 5 years. My progress has I been phenomenal! Had I not consulted you, I could be in a pretty sad state. Instead, I'm improving my quality of life by increasing my strength, ability to walk with a walker, all kinds of good stuff!

I've wanted to thank you for years! I hold you in high esteem, because I feel like you saved my functionality. A thousand thanks to you for initiating my journey to wellness. Tima Le has treated me over the years for various conditions associated with my neck, back and spine. Le is extremely thorough and takes the time to listen to her patients. Her diagnostic skills and her rapport with patients separates her from doctors I have seen in the past.

I have recommend Dr. Le to family and friends needing her care and have no reservation referring her to anyone. Thanks Dr. Le for all you do for your patients and thanks for keeping me healthy. Susan Sorosky is the best. She and her staff are very caring and listen to everything you say. They are very personal and fun to talk with.

I have told many of my friends and family about Dr. Susan Sorosky and her husband. I would recommend Dr. Hatch without reservation. Thank you. Sorosky, I was highly impressed with your consideration and manner by which you treated me In fact, if you were a family physician I would like to go to you on a routine basis I highly respect your opinion and advice.

From the receptionist in the front to your skilled, kind and considerate medical staff in the back.

Those individuals who cared for me before, during and after the procedures … showed considerable skills and concern. The injections have vastly improved my quality of life. I have been able to do things I want to do, like heavy work preparing my vegetable garden to plant this spring, without pain and without without being debilitated by sciatica so I can't work and do other things I want to do.

I wish I had tried them sooner! The pain is gone I feel 20 years younger - like now I can have a life again.

1. the booming economy

Thank you so much for your excellent care, and also for what was clearly your advocacy on my behalf. I hope I won't need to see you again for a long time - but thank you so much. Sorosky and Staff, I just wanted to let you know how thankful I am for you. I appreciate your skills, but more than anything I appreciate your TLC.

Hatch's procedures and encouragement to combine physical therapy with my recovery. Hatch did an awesome job with cyst aspiration - full recovery and full mobility returned. I always tell my family and friends I'm so lucky to have found a Wonderful Doctor! The fact that you were not satisfied with the first diagnosis and continued to seek out answers is commendable. I want you to know how much I appreciate the time you spent and the attitude. The entire staff was so helpful. The doctors at the top of their game. Feeling great! This really is a one-of-a-kind fellowship.

Not only do you gain experience in how to be part of a successful private practice, but also you get to learn ethical, evidence-based care under the guidance of wonderful attendings. I felt very prepared starting my career after graduating from DSSP. Highly recommend this fellowship!

Here’s 7 reasons why north peoria is one of the best places to live in arizona

Sorosky, Just a quick note to extend my heart felt thanks for your genuine concern, efforts and time spent in my behalf. I am truly appreciative of your being interested enough to listen to my concerns as well as rechecking with the radiologist regarding the finding on the MRI. It is my good fortune that Dr. Kuhl recommended you! Many thanks for being a caring doctor. I learned so much about the nuances of treating the spine and delivering quality patient care in the setting of a real-world, private practice.

My mentors and colleagues not only offered their guidance, but were always open to answering all of my questions. Furthermore, the warmth and support of all of the staff made it a joy to be a part of DSSP, one big family! I no longer suffer from debilitating pain and numbness in my legs, which made it difficult to walk and stand.

These days I am seldom reminded of any pain, as each day seems to be better than the last.

I appreciate it very much. I would recommend you to everyone. I definitely would recommend it Platelet Rich Plasma to others…After a couple of weeks I felt improved, even more so now, months later.

Why ms may you re quite phoenix arizona

No more limping or pain when I stand after sitting a while…Thanks very much! Le has been very thorough and caring. She has fixed my back problems, and I highly recommend her and the staff at Desert Spine. It truly helps when you have a doctor that believes in what you say. Thank you again. Dr Sorosky was thorough, efficient, provided best treatment options and demonstrated genuine care.

The timeliness that you and your staff act with in responding to patient needs is truly something for any physician to strive for and model…The sense of confidence in the doctors and superior quality of care along with trust is hands down unlike anything I have experienced in the health industry.

I feel fortunate that my doctor referred me to you. Susan and Brad Sorosky, Thank you both so much for restoring my body to almost free of back pain. You have done wonders.